Crew Insurance Agency

Commercial Auto and Trucking

CREW INSURANCE AGENCY has several fine "A" rated carriers for your commercial or business auto. We are comfortable in this market place since this is what we have been doing almost from day 1.... Whether it is a Commercial or Service vehicle, 1-ton or 80,000 lbs.,we know what to do with it and can get you the best price.

****TAXI****LIMO****PICK-UP****VAN****DUMP****LOG TRUCK****SEMI****

You can have 1 vehicle or a fleet, we treat you the same.


We do the filings if needed, add polution endorsements and will send out as many certificates to as many people as you want,when you want and you get a copy of each one. Local,Intermediate or Long Haul; Regular Route or Irregular, it's the same to us. You can haul meat, produce, shrimp, cars, or cargo; dirt, rock, or gravel. Whatever you do, we here at CREW INSURANCE AGENCY have already done it and know what company is looking for your type of Business Auto. You see, most every insurance company will write Commercial or Business Auto but only a few want to write it....We know who they are and that saves you time and money.

So, if you are starting a "New Venture" or if you have been at it awhile, click on Crew Insurance Agency and let us do your premium shopping.

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