Crew Insurance Agency

General Contracters Residential/Commercial Insurance

Crew Insurance Agency is a "life spike" with the National Association of Home Builders. We have several markets for all size residential and commercial contractors. In addition, we are also writing the remodeling general contractors. We use A+ carriers and we can cover all tools, equipment, non-owned tools, employee tools, trucks, etc. under one general contractors liability policy. That will simplify your life!

To get a quote on general liability we will need:
1. Direct employees payroll (not clerical)
2. Executive supervisors payroll (no actual hammering)
3. Uninsured sub-contractors payroll
4. Insured sub-contractors payroll (subs w/certificates)

Another area in which we have a great deal of experience is the builders risk markets. We have markets for 1-shot jobs or a reporting form for all your houses under construction under one policy. Each month you would simply drop off the ones that closed and add the locations that start. This policy will handle small commercial as well. We also have reporting forms for larger commercial.

We can also place your workers compensation policy under a reporting form and it usually will eliminate those large audit premiums that are "due now".

If you're a general contractor-residential/commercial or remodeler, Crew Insurance Agency is your answer!

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